Thoughtful gifts to stay connected with your network
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Thoughtful gifts to stay connected with your network

It’s the season of giving and a great time to give back to the important people in your networks. But instead of the typical greeting card or branded swag, take your holiday gifting to the next level this year with a thoughtful festive gift. Here are some ideas for presents that go a step above.


Some of the best gifts you can give are immaterial. Experience gifts are a great idea for clients and families that live a minimalist lifestyle. Depending on your budget, you could gift tickets to a holiday concert or a performance happening in your city. Admission to a holiday fair or market is also a great option and can be a more family-friendly opportunity. Just be sure to present these gifts with ample time for the recipients to attend the festival or performance.

Get personal

For a gift that’s really next level, you can personalize items to be unique to each recipient. Commission an artist to create a custom sketch or watercolour painting of the home you helped your client to purchase. If you helped downsize someone from a well-loved family home, you could immortalize their former abode into a custom work of art.

Just eat it

It is the season of indulgence, which is what makes edible gifts hard to resist. While pies and cakes are excellent ways to celebrate the holidays, you can opt for less-perishable items — think shortbread cookies or fruitcake which can keep for weeks and be enjoyed at a later date. Gingerbread house kits are a fun (and real-estate themed!) idea for families to assemble together. Baking and cooking kits like soup, cookie and cake mixes that are beautifully presented in jars are also fun ideas to gift.

Gifts aren’t just for clients

While gifting to previous clients is a no-brainer, don’t forget about the other important folks in your network. Anyone from the interior design stager that came through on a last-minute open house or a fellow agent at your brokerage that covered for you during your summer vacation could be on our list this year.

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