Five ways to make slow periods more productive
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Five ways to make slow periods more productive

The winter is typically a slower period for real estate agents. But that doesn’t mean sitting around and doing nothing. There are plenty of great ways you can spend slow periods of business to help build your brand, get you motivated and ready for when the next busy period hits.

Work on your social media presence

With Covid moving so much of our lives into a virtual setting, it’s more important than ever for real estate agents to have a strong social media presence. If you don’t already have an Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, the slow season is an excellent time to create these accounts and build them up into effective marketing tools. A strong social media presence will help build your brand, bring in leads and generate referrals. Plus, you might find it fun to engage with a network of fellow agents and community members.

Build your skills

Do you wish you were better at cold calling or negotiations? A quiet period is the perfect time to sign up for a course or webinar to build up your skills as a real estate agent. We all have our weaknesses, so have a think about what areas of your work need the most improvement. You could also sign up for some courses or skills that you would find entertaining, and that would still benefit your business. For example, you could learn more about home staging or green building practises.

Get motivated

Inspiring quotes and stories can help to keep you on track towards your goals and working harder than ever. So use the slow season to motivate yourself by listening to inspiring podcasts and reading books written by real estate leaders. If there is a specific anecdote or message that is particularly inspiring to you, share it in your social media accounts or just jot it down for your own reference so you can look back at it when things get busy again.

Set goals and plan for the future

A quiet period, especially early in the year, is prime time for goal setting and business planning. Sit down and think about what you want to accomplish. Make those goals specific, and set timelines for when you’ll achieve them. Unearth your business plans and update them based on what you’ve accomplished in the past year. If you’re planning to make any major changes, such as an upcoming retirement, partnering with another agent or specializing into a niche market, the slow season is a great time to lay down the framework for those changes.

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