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Generates ongoing listings from your farm area

Realty Sweep is our highly popular geographic farming real estate newsletter program which features general market information combined with highly detailed micro-statistics created for your specific farm area (whether it is a neighbourhood, a condo building or a townhome complex) PLUS highly pertinent real estate articles.

The newsletter also provides space for you to write your own customized message to your farm area (optional) and to display your featured properties (optional). The program also comes with a microsite which is designed to provide additional farm area information and direct links to your own site and social media.

Finally, the program also has a card option allowing you to create valuable ongoing additional farm area touch points on a cost-effective basis.

How It Works

01 Determine Your Needs

First we need to understand your goals and how best to incorporate the Realty Sweep™ solution into your strategy.

02 Farm Area Analysis

We analyze potential farm area options and make recommendations based on key diagnostics such as resale turnover, average price profile, days on market profile and neighbourhood demographics.

03 Create and Deliver Newsletters and Cards

Your Realty Sweep™ newsletters and Realty Sweep™ cards (optional) are designed by us and approved by you. We handle all printing and mailing details!

04 Proven Contact Capture Strategies

In addition to the traditional calls-to-action on the newsletter itself, we provide all the support you need to run your own local promotions. This support includes idea generation, creative execution and program implementation – all at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you! Running a promo has never been easier – or more cost-effective!

Local Market Snapshot

General market data is pulled from your local real estate board every month and is presented on your newsletter using eye-catching infographics and bullet copy points. The data displayed will vary month to month to highlight notable trends.

Farm Area Market Stats

Homeowners always want to know what’s going on in the neighbourhood. We break down all recent farm area transactions into a detailed statistical recap showing the number of transactions, average price, highest price and days on market for all the housing categories in the farm area. These categories are customized to match the unique characteristics of your farm area.

Locally Relevant
Featured Properties and Messages

Showing your farm area homeowners that you’re active and engaged in the community is very, very important. Anyone can produce a generic direct mail piece to a large area, but making people feel like the newsletter is specifically for them and their neighbourhood is the key to success. Including featured properties and a message in your newsletter is optional, but highly recommended.

Relevant Article Content

All of our articles are designed to be timely, relevant and highly engaging. We take great pride in creating the best possible content and strictly avoid content that can best be described as “fluff”.

Farm Area Microsites

Your newsletter’s microsite features year-over-year farm area statistics for each category in the Market Watch box. Additionally, you can customize the site with videos, featured properties and virtual tours. It can also be used to collect registrations for promotions and contests!

Learn more about Realty Sweep™ microsites

Bilingual Version Available

Realty Sweep is offered in bi-lingual versions to fully engage homeowners in your farm area. If your farm area is characterized by a high proportion of “alternate language” homeowners, this is something that you may definitely want to take advantage of. What languages can we accommodate? Just ask us – chances are that we have it covered!

Realty SweepTM Card

Combine your Realty Sweep Newsletter with a Realty Sweep Card to achieve the additional touchpoints you need for success on a cost-effective basis.

Realty SweepTM Promotions

Promotions, contests and giveaways are a great way to generate leads from your farm area – leads which can be cultivated over time into genuine listing opportunities.

Learn more about promotions with Realty Sweep™

Farm Area Analysis

Choosing which neighbourhood, condo building or townhome complex to farm can be a difficult decision, so the more information you have, the better.

Delivery Address Report: Our proprietary WalkBoss information system generates a detailed Delivery Address Report which reveals the optimum direct mail targeting strategy. This excellent tool totally demystifies the Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail system (formerly the Unaddressed Admail Walk system) which has confounded REALTORS® for years. It is also a fabulous tool for assisting any REALTOR® who is an avid “door knocker”.

Key Diagnostics Report: This report will tell you what the “resale turnover rate” is for the proposed farm area and how that compares to the market in general. It will also reveal the “average selling price” and “days on market” for the farm area, and how those metrics also compare to the market in general.

Payback Analysis: This analysis will show you exactly how many transactions are required to break-even and what your break-even market share needs to be. It also provides an estimate of your projected return-on-investment (ROI). This Payback Analysis incorporates findings from both the Delivery Address Report and the Key Diagnostics Report as well as your unique variables (e.g., commission rate, commission split, relevant deal-related fees and marginal tax rate).

Farm area analysis

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Our Packages

Realty Sweep Silver
Realty Sweep silver package
  • 12 Newsletter touchpoints per year
  • All content provided by Mission Response, including detailed farm area statistics
  • Include featured properties and a customized message to your farm area (optional)
  • Printing, folding and delivery
Realty Sweep Platinum
Realty Sweep platinum package
  • All the features of Silver
  • Additional 12 Brochure (Top Performer®) touchpoints, creating a total of 24 touchpoints per year
  • Top Performer® Brochure delivered 2 weeks after newsletter
  • Large format, fully customizable featured property showcase (see Top Performer® section for more details)