Tips for 2021 goal setting
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Tips for 2021 goal setting

Creating a list of goals is easy. But doing it in a way that makes it those goals accomplishable and meaningful requires some more time and consideration. Here are some tips for real estate agents to create effective goals for 2021.

Set a timeline

Twelve months can feel like a long time, which makes it tempting to put off working towards your goals until the fall or winter. Instead of setting one big goal to accomplish by the end of the year, try setting yourself mini goals to hit over shorter periods of time. For example, if you have a goal of adding new customer testimonials to your site, you might aim to get one new testimonial added per month to slowly work away at your goal.

Make your goals specific

It’s easy to jot down a list of lofty goals to accomplish. But once it comes to actually putting your plans into action, you may feel a bit lost as to how exactly you will achieve those goals. Specifying your goals will help you focus on certain areas that you want to make strides in for 2021. For example, instead of saying that you want to sign up ten new clients next year, you might say you want to sign up ten new millennial clients or first-time homebuyers, which could help you hone in on your marketing strategy.

Create buildable goals

If you decide that you’ve hit the peak of your success once you hit a certain number, you run the risk of resting on your laurels once you reach your goal. Instead, craft your goals so that they are buildable. For example, your first goal might be to create an Instagram account. Then your next goal may be to post three times a week. After that, you could learn how to create Instagram stories. Finally you can set a goal to gain 100 new followers a month. Scaling goals like this allows you to feel accomplished once you hit a mini milestone, but still pushes you to keep trying harder.

Be accountable

Telling someone else about your goals can help you stick to them. Make a virtual appointment with a colleague or a business-minded friend to sit down and share your 2021 goals with each other. You could also set monthly or quarterly appointments from there to share updates on what you’ve achieved so far. You might even be able to share strategies and tips to help each other accomplish your goals.

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