Home staging in the winter
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Home staging in the winter

When staging a listing during the winter months, there are some additional considerations you should be keeping in mind. With the shorter hours of winter, chances are greater that potential buyers will be viewing homes after dark but there are some tips and tricks you can use to make any home feel warm and inviting in the winter.

Keep it cozy

Plush textiles are a great way to add cozy warmth to a home in the winter. Think plush and thick fabrics such as velour and wool in deep and rich tones (navy blue, ruby red, charcoal grey and emerald green). Look for accessories associated with warmth such as pillows, blankets and rugs. If you’re decorating from scratch, don’t forget about adding cozy warmth with thick, heavy drapery and a cushy sofa that visitors will want to curl up on.

Let there be light

Natural light is a key selling feature for many homes. But with the shorter days of winter, viewings may be conducted in the dark of late afternoon/evening. To combat this, make sure you’re using the right type of lighting. Choose table and floor lamps over fluorescent lighting and swap out cool light bulbs for those that emit warm light with a calming yellowish tone.

Light my fire

With the cold weather outside, fireplaces will be top of mind. If the home you’re listing has a fireplace, be sure to highlight this feature and ensure that it’s well-staged — that means it’s cleaned with a pleasant pile of logs on display. Don’t forget about staging the mantle and surrounding area as more attention will be put on the fireplace over other seasons.

Curb appeal

Be sure to keep the driveways and sideways of your listings maintained over the winter. That means shovelled, salted and well-lit pathways to the front door. Ensure that the house numbers are easily visible and night and don’t forget to leave the exterior lights on.

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