Top design trends for 2020
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Top design trends for 2020

Want to give your next home staging a modern design boost? Just look to the top design trends for 2020 to help update your next listing or even give your office or home a contemporary refresh. Here are some trends and tips to incorporate into your home, work or staging decor.

Pantone Colour of the Year: Classic Blue

The printing company Pantone has been forecasting trend-setting shades for over two decades and their selections often guide and inspire interior designers for the year ahead. This year, Pantone has selected the timeless shade of Classic Blue as its colour of the year. While it may be a bold choice for an entire room, consider Classic Blue as an accent wall or for decor additions like a vase or pieces of art.


Borrowing from fashion runways, bouclé is poised to be a trendy textile in 2020. Made of woollen loopy yarns, this textured fabric was popularized when Coco Chanel designed a bouclé jacket in the mid-1950s but bouclé has since become a hit fabric in home decor. Try it in your accent decor — a pillow or a throw draped casually over a sofa — or go bolder with a boucle ottoman or side chair. It’s a great way to add interest to an otherwise neutral space.

Home offices

With the rise of remote working and self-employment, more and more homeowners will be looking for a space to sit down and be productive. If you weren’t sure how to stage a spare room, this trend might influence you to turn that space into a home office. For smaller spaces and condos, consider transforming a den, nook or corner of the bedroom into a small office with a writing desk, notebook and some stationery to help inspire buyers on the potential uses of the space.


As Marie Kondo-style decluttering becomes more and more popular, minimalist interiors will remain trendy in 2020. Boxing up excess clutter has long been a helpful tip for agents, but the minimalist trend means that real estate agents and stagers should limit the number of tchotchkes and accents on display. The simpler, the better.

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