Outsourcing your business
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Outsourcing your business

It’s easy to believe that the most profitable real estate professionals are one-person operations. But when your business starts to grow, it’s important to recognize when you can benefit from the help of skilled professionals. Outsourcing specialized elements of your work allows you to concentrate on the activities your are best at executing and enjoy the most. The investment of bringing in professionals can pay off in the long run if your business has grown large enough. Here are a few tasks you can consider outsourcing to professionals.


Smartphone photography and DSLR cameras have enabled many of us to become amateur photographers and the quality of imagery that we’re able to capture can be pretty impressive. But when it comes to selling property, professional photography can be the thing that makes or breaks a listing, helping it garner more interest and sell faster. Ensuring the correct lighting, angles and composition is something that takes time and practise to learn and it’s pretty easy to spot the difference between an amateur shot and a professional image.

Accounting and bookkeeping

As a small and/or new business, it’s important to keep a close, personal eye on the books and carefully track your cash flow in and out. But once your operations pick up speed, it can become difficult to keep track of every receipt, expense and payment with attention and care. While it might be difficult to justify the fees of a financial professional, our experience has been that they often pay for themselves, and then some, by identifying opportunities such as tax write-offs.

Virtual assistants

Feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day operations? Hiring a personal assistant might seem like too big a leap but even just a few hours a week from a virtual assistant can really make a difference. A virtual assistant can help with scheduling appointments and viewings, researching the market, sourcing vendors and generating new leads.

Around the home

When your business is running at its peak, it’s easy to let tasks around the home fall behind. This rings especially true during peak seasons. So don’t forget about getting help with tasks at home so that you can spend more time doing what you do best. This might including hiring a cleaner or using a grocery shopping or delivery service. If your earning potential outweighs the cost of hiring help significantly enough, it’s a sign that the service could be worthwhile.

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