Spring cleaning for your real estate business
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Spring cleaning for your real estate business

The change from winter to spring is a good reminder for us to freshen up our homes and prepare for the coming season. While we’re wiping down windows and swapping out winter clothes for lighter options, we can extend this mantra to our work lives and small businesses too. Here are some tips to “spring clean” your real estate operation.

Dust off your business plan

If it’s been a while since you first became an agent, it’s important to review your initial business plan. Are you still adhering to the vision you saw for yourself in real estate? Review the last goals that you set and see how far you’ve come to reaching them. Or perhaps it’s time to set new, more ambitious goals for yourself or update your business plan. Now is also a good time to assess your work-life balance and see whether there are small tweaks and adjustments you can implement in your schedule to ensure you’ve dedicated enough to family, friends and your own free time without letting your business sacrifice.

Unclog your finances

If you’ve been neglecting your spreadsheets and letting your calculator gather dust, let springtime be the motivator you need to unclog your financial operations. Get a head start on reviewing your taxes (reminder: they’re due on April 30th!) and take the opportunity to assess what you’re spending where. Download a budgeting app like Mint or You Need a Budget (YNAB) to help you track your personal finances and consider a program like Quicken or FreshBooks if you interact with a lot of vendors through your work such as photographers, stagers or contractors. Consider hiring a bookkeeper or an accountant if numbers aren’t your forte.

Polish off old listings

We all know that winter is a slower period for home sales and activity picks up when the weather warms. So make sure that listings which may have been on the market for a while get a revamp. If exterior photography features mounds of snow or holiday decor on exteriors or lobbies, capture some new snaps with a fresher, greener look. You might also want to consider restaging a home to refresh the property and get it looking its best.

Declutter, actually

Beyond all the figurative cleaning we’ve mentioned, you can put some real elbow grease into cleaning and decluttering business-related items. Clean out your files and declutter your desk or work surface. Consider purchasing some simple organizational tools or implementing a better filing system for paperwork. Don’t forget about your vehicle too. Spend some time cleaning out all the nooks and crannies, or consider getting your car detailed.

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