Leveraging drone technology for your next real estate listing
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Leveraging drone technology for your next real estate listing

Looking for a way to make your next listing stand out? Drone technology could be the way to do it. These small and nimble camera-equipped devices aren’t just fun toys for the tech-savvy. With the right equipment and know-how, drones can be used to take stunning photography and video footage that’ll help enhance the listing of a unique property. Some real estate agents even claim that drones are the most significant new technology to impact real estate since the advent of the internet. Here are a few ways that you can harness drone technology for your next real estate listing.

Large properties

Capturing stunning landscapes and aerial shots of a property used to mean hiring a helicopter – an unreasonable fee for all but the highest-end listings. In addition, helicopters aren’t able get close enough to properties in order to get the best detail shots, making drones supreme in this regard. With drone technology, you can get incredible aerial views and sweeping video footage of a property for a fraction of the price. Aerial shots and videos are especially important if the property you’re selling is close to great natural landscapes such as lakefronts or forests that you want to highlight.

Neighbourhood surveys

If the property you’re selling is a more traditional single-family home,you can still harness drone video footage as a resource to help give out-of-town homebuyers a nice overview of the neighbourhood. Those unfamiliar with the area can get an idea of what the other properties are like as well as familiarizing them with nearby amenities such as ravines, schools, parks, recreation complexes and playgrounds.

Rules and Regulations

Be sure to check what the rules and regulations are in your region for commercial operation of drones. Transport Canada allows drones under 25 kilograms, as long as they are registered and users adhere to certain restrictions such as flight paths and obtaining liability insurance. In the USA, restrictions are tighter and some real estate agents and videographers may be fined for improper use so it’s best to seek out a professional service to ensure that you’re adhering to the correct regulations. Changes have been proposed to the Federal Aviation Administration to loosen drone regulations.

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