How to host a video coffee chat to impress future clients
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How to host a video coffee chat to impress future clients

While the typical first step for securing a new client would’ve been to meet over coffee, things have changed with a pandemic looming. Coffee meetings have now been moved online. Video chats are a great opportunity to connect beyond the telephone or email. If you’re new to video meetings, here are some tips for executing a flawless video meeting.

Gather your equipment

While a smartphone can be used for video conferencing, we suggest using a laptop since its stability offers a more professional experience. If you have access to one, use an external webcam for better quality. A headset, or headphones with a microphone, can offer crisper, clearer audio and prevents annoying feedback from your own laptop speakers.

Check your background, exposure and elevation

Where you work might not necessarily be the best spot for a video call. See what’s visible behind you. A clear wall is ideal, but if you can’t find that, seek out a spot with minimal visual distractions. Prop up your laptop on a few books or a box to elevate it so that the camera is at eye level. This will prevent an unflattering upward angle (no one wants to look into your nostrils during a video meeting). Find a spot where you’re facing the light source, whether it’s natural sunlight or a lamp, so that your face is illuminated.

Practise makes perfect

Once you have your video chatting setup in place, practise makes perfect. Phone a friend or family member to test out the functionality of your equipment. You could also rotate between a few potential video spots to find the best one. Practising also gives you the opportunity to ensure that your internet connection supports a smooth video feed. If you’re worried about an unstable connection, be sure to close any extra tabs in your browser. And if you share your connection with other members of your household, ask them to minimize usage during your meeting.

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