What to do as a real estate agent when business is slow
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What to do as a real estate agent when business is slow

We were just emerging from the slow winter season into the more lively spring season when the coronavirus hit. While the pandemic has caused the market to slow down, it doesn’t mean that you should be sitting on your hands waiting until it’s all over. There are plenty of things that you can do to help build your business during these unprecedented times. Here are a few suggestions:

Work your social media

With boredom at an all-time high, we’ve all been consuming a lot more social media than usual. Make the best of these captive eyeballs by dusting off your social media accounts and producing interesting, compelling content to help build your brand and business. If you’ve been putting off mastering new platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, now is a great time. Here are our guides to getting started with Instagram and LinkedIn. Have you always wanted to start a blog? Now’s the perfect time! Get some knowledgeable, trustworthy content out there and use your newly-minted or refreshed social media accounts to share that content.

Take online courses

Continuing education usually takes a back seat when we’re busing doing business. But a slow period is a great time to pick up some new skills. Many business leaders and educators are adapting their courses virtually, making it even easier to access from anywhere. Keen to beef up your sales skills? Search for courses on cold calling and negotiations. Want to master photography for real estate? If you’ve already got the equipment, now’s an excellent time to learn how to take crisp shots (using your own home as backdrop) and how to edit them to perfection. Want to become fluent in a second language that’s commonly spoken in your neighbourhood? That will be an incredible asset once you’re back in business.


We’re in need of helping hands now more than ever. If you’re able and willing, volunteering is a great way to give your days purpose and help out with a worthy cause. There are many volunteering initiatives that have already been established and are making it easy to take part, whether it’s sewing fabric masks or running errands for vulnerable populations. If health conditions are keeping you indoors, there are still ways that you can help out with tasks virtually, like administrative duties, research or maintaining databases. Reach out to your local volunteer organization to see how you can help. Even with social distancing in mind, you’ll be meeting people (even if virtually) through these initiatives and helping to expand your sphere of influence in an authentic way.

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