Creative ways to engage with your community
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Creative ways to engage with your community

Looking to grow your connections within a community? There are plenty of creative ways to do this in a fun and organic way. Strengthening your relationship with a neighbourhood will help to increase your brand awareness within a territory which can lead to more sales and referrals. Here are a few fun and creative ways you can become an active member of your community.


This might be one of the older tricks in the book, but it continues for good reason. Sponsoring children’s sports team is a great way to help out a local little league and also become a familiar name to neighbourhood families. Uniform sponsorship is a popular way to participate, meaning that your name or the name of your real estate business will be exposed to local spectators on at least a weekly basis. You can also consider activities such as handing out free coffee or beverages during high attendance games.


Another great way to do good is by volunteering with a local neighbourhood organization, school or church. It’s a lovely way to offer your time and also learn more about the community you service as many volunteer opportunities get you out in the neighbourhood, meeting and working alongside community members. Consider a civic club such as the Lions Club, Rotary or Kiwanis which will already have strong volunteer associations with organizations in need.

Media involvement

Booming property markets keep real estate headlines constantly rotating in the news. Reporters and journalists are often looking for reliable and well-spoken industry professionals to offer commentary and advice. Try contacting your local news station, radio station or newspaper and offer yourself up for interviews and on-screen appearances. Even if they aren’t currently working on a real-estate related news piece, they can keep your information on file and reach out when the time is right. Or, perhaps, if you see a prospective news piece or angle that hasn’t been covered, you could pitch that idea and how you’re the best professional to speak on the subject.

Workshops and seminars

New homeowners are a powerful client base to tap. But they’re also the least informed and can find entering the real estate market confusing and intimidating. By offering a free or complimentary workshop or seminar, you’ll help to position yourself as an informed, experienced and professional real estate agent. Sure, this does mean offering up your time and possibly some funds to rent a workshop space or produce handouts, but effective seminars that target the right populations could see a great return on that time and investment.

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