Why brand identity is important for real estate agents
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Why brand identity is important for real estate agents

You might think that branding is a practise saved for marketing commercial products, but a lot of the same benefits can apply to your real estate business. Agents that have a strong and consistent brand set themselves apart from the competition. Here are three reasons why a thoughtful brand identity matters in real estate.


This might be the most obvious benefit of developing a distinct brand. Name recognition means you’re well-known and top of mind. You might accomplish this in a few different ways: an eye-catching logo, a memorable catchphrase or a unique community venture. With enough exposure or impact, seeing and hearing your name mentioned will trigger that logo or catchphrase. Or perhaps you’ll be remembered as the agent that hands out freezies at the neighbourhood street sale and will develop a positive association through that reputation. When someone is considering buying or selling a home, it’s those agents that’ll stand out in the minds of potential clients.


While having a unique and recognizable brand is important, you should also ensure that your brand conveys credibility. If you are an experienced real estate professional, consider having some of your best clients write a testimonial for you that can be posted on a website or printed in a brochure. It’s even more effective if you can get your client’s permission to post a photo of them in their home, putting faces behind names. If you’re newer to the industry, you can still do a few things to give your brand some credibility. This might be through listing your education, professional affiliations or knowledge and experience in related fields such as interior design or construction.


This one takes a little more time and effort to build and is more about the experience your client has had while working with you. Be a person of your word and keep to your commitments. If you promise to follow-up with market data analysis or the name of a preferred legal service, stick to it. With time you’ll become known for being a professional that is reliable and can be trusted. When it comes to client referrals to friends and family, trustworthiness is an even more important characteristic and you’ll see how being a name that people can rely on will benefit you even more.

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