Tips for developing a unique and authentic real estate sales script
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Tips for developing a unique and authentic real estate sales script

While you’ll learn about rules, regulations and transactions while getting your real estate license, the art of cold calling, selling and closing deals is something that you won’t be tested on. Scripts can be helpful but canned responses can do more harm than good. Here are a few tips for developing your own unique sales script to help close your next transaction.

Start with templates and adapt

There are a wealth of excellent sales scripts, videos and podcasts online to draw inspiration from when you’re looking to develop your own style. These templates are a great resource to see what talking points resonate best with you. Look up a few different scenarios based on the types of clients and transactions you work on and think about how you might adapt them for an upcoming call or meeting. If you work in a brokerage, ask some senior agents if they’d be willing to let you listen in on a few calls to hear how they operate in real-time and ad-lib their calls successfully.

Keep it simple

It can be tempting to impress your clients with a laundry list of the latest market stats and figures, but excessive number-dropping can sometimes have the opposite effect. Keep it simple, personable and to-the-point. If the client seems interested in learning more, offer to send facts and figures by email to let them read through and process on their own time.

Listen more than you speak

Even if you were born with the gift of the gab, your greatest asset as a salesperson should be to listen more than you speak. This allows you to learn more about your client’s wants, needs and reactions instead of taking up all the space in the room or phone call. Ask plenty of questions that will prompt your clients to share more about themselves and what they like and dislike. This is a good way to gain their trust and confidence.

Have confidence

Believing in your skills and ability to land a listing or close a deal might be your very best asset. Is there a particular song that gets you motivated? Play it in the car on the way to meeting up with a client. Even if you’re just making phone calls at home, you can dress to impress and give yourself an internal boost of confidence.

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