Increasing your sphere of influence
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Increasing your sphere of influence

An excellent way to generate new leads is to increase your list of contacts. Think of it as broadening your sphere of influence, or the number of people that might come to you when they’re ready to buy or sell a home. If you connect with the right people, they may even refer you to their family and friends, making your sphere of influence even wider. Here are a few ways you can build your list of contacts and how to best take advantage of new interactions.

Make new connections

Organic, authentic growth of contacts is the best way to build a strong, powerful sphere of influence. Even aside from your role as a real estate agent, your regular life as an active member of the community will put you in contact with interesting people every day, whether at the grocery store, the golf course or the salon.

Be authentic

Instead of simply handing off a business card, establish an authentic connection so that your new contact will remember you for that great barbecue sauce recipe or referral to a trusted babysitter in addition to being a friendly real estate agent. Jot down a note on their business card or in your records of how you met.

Explore established connections

If you’re new to the real estate world, you have a great opportunity to tap old networks and connections to let these people know about your new venture. Build a list of contacts through a database or system like Microsoft Outlook. You may want to categorize the contacts based on whether they’re family or friends, former business associates or vendors like doctors and dentists. Develop an email or notice to announce your new business and cater it to each type of contact for a more effective approach.

Follow up

Whether making a new connection or tapping an old contact, you’ll want to follow up with that person after your first message or meeting. That helps to keep you top of mind when they’re ready to sell or have the opportunity to refer you to a family member or friend. You never know how their situation might change in the days, weeks or months between the first contact and your follow-up. Likewise, building on that relationship will strengthen your reputation as a thoughtful real estate agent.

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