How to use community involvement to boost your presence
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How to use community involvement to boost your presence

Community involvement is a great way to improve the brand awareness of your real estate practice. You’ll not only become a familiar name and face in a neighbourhood but you can also feel good about helping to support local groups and charities as well as connecting with the community. Here are a few ideas on how you can get more involved in your neighbourhood through sponsorship and events.

Youth sports teams

A classic technique, supporting a local youth sports team is a great way to get your name out and give back to the community. Sponsoring uniforms is a good way to go about this as it gets your name out and visible at every game to parents of not only the home team but competing teams. For the best and most genuine sports team sponsorship experience, be sure to attend a few games yourself. That way, you’ll meet the players of the team and interact with parents and potential homebuyers. You can also host a season-end event like a barbecue for even more networking opportunities.

School and community programs

Plays and concerts at local schools are usually accompanied by a program which is handed out to the audience. Churches may also hand out community newsletters as well. Space in these programs is typically offered to local businesses to help raise funds for the event. The cost of advertising in these programs is usually pretty low, making this an affordable opportunity.

Neighbourhood events

Having a presence at festivals, parades and town parties is a great way to get your name out in the community. For better engagement, you can offer a freebie in addition to a sign or a booth. Hand out free coffees at a street festival or reusable tote bags at a farmer’s market. You can also sell tickets for a charity raffle which requires participants to leave their contact information – a great way to increase your list of contacts and sphere of influence.

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