Why it’s worth investing in professional photography
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Why it’s worth investing in professional photography

With homebuyers more reliant on the virtual experience during Covid, it’s become all the more important to ensure your listing is the very best it can be. That means investing in professional photography. While it can be tempting to just pull out your smartphone for a few quick snaps, here are a few reasons why professional photography is worth the investment.

Layers and HDR images

A lot of the work that a photographer does happens after they put down their camera. One of the most effective techniques adopted in real estate photography is the use of layers. This means taking multiple photos at different exposure and combining them to create a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image which combines the best highlights from each exposure setting. This allows all the areas, nooks and crannies in a home to be displayed in their best light.

White balance

Not all shades of white are equal. When you take a photo with the lights on, it will have a yellowish tint to it which can be a turnoff. But not all rooms can sufficiently be captured with natural light. Correcting white balance is another task that’s often completed by the photographer after a shoot and takes skill to do correctly.

Angles and composition

It’s not just about having a wide-angle lens to capture every possible element of a room. Capturing a photo from the best angle takes practice and a photographer’s eye. Images taken too low or high can seem unnatural. And the composition of an image—what elements are contained in the image and how much space they take up—can mean the difference between a crowded, busy photo and an inviting one. The wrong composition or angle could also leave out important selling points of the photo, like architectural features or additional storage.

Attract more buyers and sell faster

A study by Redfin found that homes that were professionally photographed sold quicker and for more money than homes shot with amateur photos. Not only that, but investing in professional photography will help to create consistent branding for your listings as potential clients gain a positive impression from your previous listings.

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