Tips for better engagement with open house visitors
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Tips for better engagement with open house visitors

Hosting an open house isn’t just for introducing a new listing to the market. It’s also a great opportunity to bring new clients onto your roster that may be thinking of buying or selling soon. Here are a few simple tips to help convert open house visitors into clients.


Prepare a sign-in form on a tablet or laptop that you can direct visitors to fill out once they enter the home. Google Forms is a great tool to safely and privately capture information. If you aren’t already familiar with the neighbourhood, do some research ahead of time so that you’re prepared to answer questions about schooling, transportation and amenities. This will position you as a knowledgeable, trustworthy source. If time permits, you can also produce an information pamphlet about the neighbourhood and its features which could be useful for visitors from out of town. Don’t forget to include your name and contact info on this pamphlet.


It can be intimidating to walk into what feels like a stranger’s home, so position yourself near the entrance to greet visitors when they first arrive and make them feel welcome. Offer your assistance if they have any questions but allow them to tour the home at their own pace. Some visitors may be eager to ask more questions and strike up a conversation while others may want to explore more independently. So gauge each set of visitors accordingly.


The follow-up is where you can create a lasting impression with the visitors to your open house. Send an email that evening or the following day to thank the new visitor for attending. Quick timing is key to ensuring the client remembers you and is still intrigued about the property. The follow-up could also be a good opportunity to ask a few leading questions to get a sense of what their needs are. Are they actively house hunting or looking to buy/sell in the coming months? What has their real estate experience been like so far? If they don’t express immediate interest, you can contact them again when a comparable property has come onto the market or if there’s mortgage or housing news that is pertinent to them. That way you’ll be at top of mind when they are ready to take the leap.

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