Go green: how to approach your real estate business from an environmentally-friendly perspective
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Go green: how to approach your real estate business from an environmentally-friendly perspective

More and more concerned citizens are adopting environmentally-friendly practises in their homes and offices, including real estate agents and their home-buying and selling customers. Taking a greener approach and outlook to your real estate business isn’t only just good for the earth but it can also help position you positively among potential clients and customers that have made the environment a priority in their lives. Here are a few ways to approach your business from an environmentally-friendly perspective.

Learn about green initiatives

The government offers several great tax credits and initiatives to encourage energy efficiency. This includes rebates for something as simple as purchasing LED light bulbs and weatherstripping to appliances and larger projects like installing solar panels. Keeping abreast of the latest incentives will position you as an informed agent that cares about the environment.

Highlight green features of properties

When combing through listings and viewing properties, be sure to highlight a home’s energy-efficient features. This might include new, insulated windows that prevent drafts and energy loss, or condo buildings that are LEED certified. It’s helpful to describe how these features can help in cutting down heating and utilities costs, which is a win for both the environment and your client’s budgets alike.

Green your own practise

There are plenty of steps you can take in your day-to-day business to become more environmentally friendly. Transportation is an important part of a real estate agent’s work so consider investing in a hybrid or even an electric vehicle. Autoshare memberships are also a great environmentally-friendly transportation alternative. When conducting direct mail marketing campaigns, ask the supplier if they use recycled paper (Mission Response uses recycled paper and vegetable based inks).

Get certified

Ready to take your green real estate business to the next level? Consider getting certified with a professional designation like EcoBroker. The program takes real estate agents through online training in areas such as energy efficiency, green financing, building performance and water quality. You can also consider becoming a LEED Certified Associate to show that you are up to date on the latest LEED requirements, building concepts and rating systems.

Don’t forget to announce or advertise your green initiatives and certifications on your website and social media outlets to share your environmentally-friendly approach. It might just result in a new lead or client that shares your perspectives on Mother Nature.

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