Improving communication between you and your client
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Improving communication between you and your client

Clients that have a positive experience with their real estate agent often say how easy it was to talk to them. They may rave about how their agent quickly figured out their needs and found them the home of their dreams. But having a satisfied client requires a high degree of communication. High satisfaction rates lead to more referrals and more sales. Here are a few ways to improve the lines of communication between agent and client.

Talk less

If you’re doing all the talking and your client can’t get a word in, they won’t be able to tell you what they’re thinking and feeling. Giving them the opportunity to express what they love or don’t like about a property lets you better understand their needs and refine the search. As an agent, you can still direct a conversation without dominating it.

Listen more

In the average conversation, you’ll typically find each party a little distracted and not fully paying attention to what the other person is saying. You may be distracted or perhaps thinking of what question you want to ask next. Instead, practice active listening. This involves repeating back, in your own words, what you think your client communicated to you. Your client will feel like their needs are being heard and this also avoids misinterpretations by giving them the opportunity to clarify their needs and expectations.

Ask the right questions

For clients that are a little quieter or shyer, you can help them open up and communicate their needs to you by asking the right questions. Structure your questions in order to encourage more expression. Avoid asking yes or no questions and instead, pose them in a way to elicit more specific, detailed responses.

Encourage honesty

For good, open communication, your client will constantly be sharing their thoughts and opinions with you, whether it’s on how to stage their home or if a neighbourhood seems safe to them. Even if you disagree with your client’s opinions, you should always make them feel comfortable about being open and honest with their thoughts.

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