How to use video to amp up your real estate brand
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How to use video to amp up your real estate brand

We’re spending more and more time online these days, which means more time viewing videos, especially through social media like Instagram and Facebook. Video is an excellent medium for attracting new clients and generating leads, from millennials in particular, and helping to establish your real estate brand. Here’s why you should consider video as a marketing tool and a few ideas for incorporating video into your brand.

Why use video for marketing?

Video can be used for so much more than just a listing. By creating some well-crafted marketing videos, potential clients can get to know you in a unique way that a website or photograph doesn’t quite capture. If you find that you excel in verbal communication, video is a great method to help capture and convey your personality.

Create a video bio

A great starting point for incorporating video into your personal brand is creating a video bio. Like the “About Us” section of your website, a video bio is a way for a potential client to get a sense of what you’re like and how you work. Use a video bio as an opportunity to share why you have entered the real estate industry and what you enjoy most about your work. Keep the content engaging by shooting some neighbourhood features like quiet streets, lively restaurants and relaxing parks, giving viewers a sense of the environment you work in.

Create neighbourhood videos

Potential clients want to be reassured that you’re an authority in their neighbourhood they want to live in. So create a beautiful, informative video about some of your focus neighbourhoods. Highlight some features about the neighbourhood, the types of housing that are popular, nearby schools, recreation amenities like parks and community centres, any retail hubs and popular eateries. You can act as the host, introducing the viewer to key features of a neighbourhood while also providing background narration to accompany other shots.

Create client testimonials

If you have clients that are eager and willing to spend some time in front of the camera, video testimonials could be a great way to help tell the story of your brand. Have a client walk through their buyer/seller experience and how you, their agent, helped along the way. Get them to discuss their worries or fears about real estate and how you helped to solve those problems along the way. If they’ve worked with other agents before, have them describe what you did differently, and better.

Hire a professional

If you’re eager to create great, wow-worthy videos, make sure that you have a budget to match. Poor-quality, amateur videos could do more harm to your corporate brand than good, so make sure that you hire a great video team that has a demonstrated portfolio of work.

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