How to stage a small home or condo
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How to stage a small home or condo

Small homes and studio condos can be a challenge to sell. But there are some clever decor tips and tricks that can make any space feel larger than it is. Here are some ideas for staging a small home or condo to maximize its space.


With space already at a premium, decluttering is key when staging a small home or condo. Ensure that countertops, shelves and tables are as clear as possible with simple, minimal decor. Remove any unnecessary furniture like side tables and bookshelves. If possible, replace large furniture, like an L-shaped sofa or a large kitchen table, with a more space-efficient design.

… but don’t forget to stage

If your client has already moved out of their studio condo or small home, be sure to spend the time to bring in some furniture to stage the home. While it may be tempting to think that a small space will seem bigger if it’s empty, the opposite is actually true. It can be hard for a buyer to envision how their furnishings will look in an empty space, so staging the home helps to provide some points of reference. As we mentioned earlier, choose small-scale furnishings to avoid overwhelming an already small space. For example, condo-sized sofas often have shorter backs which can help make the ceiling height appear taller.

Bring in light, clear furniture

Another tip when you’re staging a small home or condo is to use light, clear furniture where possible. Think glass-topped coffee tables, kitchen tables and acrylic side tables. That clear surface helps to trick the eye into thinking that there’s more space in the room while also showing where the buyer’s furniture could be placed.

Don’t forget about outdoor spaces

If interior space is minimal, outdoor spaces like backyards, patios and balconies become all the more important. So don’t forget to stage these areas of a home or condo for sale. Staging a backyard or balcony with a patio table and chairs, ready for an outdoor meal, can help the buyer envision themselves entertaining there. It can extend the living space and make a small home or condo feel not-so-small after all.

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