How professional photography can make or break your next listing
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How professional photography can make or break your next listing

Nearly all of today’s prospective homebuyers are doing their research online, inspecting photos of properties for sale before booking a viewing with their agent. This makes having excellent photography all the more important. While it can be tempting to take a few quick snaps on your smartphone, obtaining professional photography increases the chances of a quick sale and a better outcome. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your listings.

In online listings, photos are viewed first

A study published in the Journal of Real Estate Research used eye tracking devices to see where participants looked first when they were viewing a real estate listing online. The results show that viewers overwhelming look at the photographic components of the listing first, followed by the written description of the property. Like maintaining good curb appeal, great photos in an online listing are how you’ll make a positive first impression on a potential homebuyer.

Listings with professional photos earn more and sell faster

Real estate website Redfin compared listings that used professional cameras against similar listings with without. The study found that professional photos helped garner an average of US$3,400 more compared to equivalents with amateur photos. Similarly, homes that featured professional photos spent less time on the market.

Professional photography is more than just good equipment

Photography is a popular hobby and SLR cameras are affordable and easy to obtain. But achieving professional images is more than just owning a fancy digital camera. Trained, experienced photographers understand composition, lighting and the angles to best show off the assets and selling features of a property.

Professional photography is an investment

Consider professional photography to be an investment not only in the listing but in your brand as a real estate agent. Great photos may help you garner new leads and will leave a lasting impression on everyone that views your listing.

If you’re not yet convinced, here’s a video that can show you the difference between amateur and professional real estate photography:

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