Finding inspiration for your real estate career
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Finding inspiration for your real estate career

Becoming a better real estate agent doesn’t just happen on the job. There are plenty of creative ways that you can gain tips, perspective, and inspiration not only specific to the real estate industry but also on how to be a more persuasive seller, goal-setting, and operating an efficient business. Here are our suggestions.


As real estate agents, we know you already spend a lot of time in your car. But you can turn those minutes crawling through rush hour into productive time by queuing up some great podcasts to inspire you on the go. Some suggestions you get you started:

  • The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience: Real estate and business coach Tom Ferry delivers knowledge, support, motivation and tools to succeed in your real estate business.
  • Super Agents Live: Toby Salgado interviews top-producing real estate agents to share marketing strategies, sales tips and success models.
  • Sales Gravy: Host Jeb Blount offers quick tips that apply to anyone that works in sales, from negotiating tactics to handling objections.

Social Media

Your Facebook and Instagram feeds aren’t just for remembering your cousin’s birthday and catching up on your friends’ cute baby photos. Some strategic follows can help craft your social media feeds into a source of news, knowledge and inspiration. In addition to following the personalities behind the podcasts we just mentioned, add some of the top agents in your neighbourhood and beyond to get tips for your own feeds and business. Search out key hashtags for entrepreneurs like: #onlinebusiness, #businessquotes, #entrepreneurlife, and #personaldevelopment for even more inspiration.


Prefer to be inspired in the form of ink and paper? Books are still a great way to learn, grow and get motivated as a real estate agent. Here are some suggestions to check out on your next trip to the bookstore:

  • The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: Considered a classic for high-achieving agents, this step-by-step book identifies concepts that drive mega-agent production.
  • The Book of YES: Kevin Ward’s book outlines successful sales scripts to lead key conversations with clients when buying and selling real estate
  • Million Dollar Agents: Real estate agents in the top 10 percent of the continent share behind-the-scenes techniques and insights for a successful real estate business.

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