What to know about coronavirus statement and consent forms
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What to know about coronavirus statement and consent forms

As viewings begin after COVID-19 lockdowns, there are some additional steps being put in place to help keep buyers and sellers safe and healthy. One of these steps is the signing of a coronavirus statement and consent form. The Canadian Real Estate Association recently released a consent form that realtors can use with their clients. Other regional associations have also released similar consent forms. Here’s what you need to know about coronavirus statement and consent forms.

What is a coronavirus statement and consent form?

A coronavirus statement and consent form helps to screen both buyers and sellers for the symptoms of COVID-19. The CREA’s statement includes notices for the signee to acknowledge that they have not experienced symptoms of COVID-19, have not been exposed to someone with symptoms and have not travelled outside of the country in the last two weeks. The statement also informs the signee of their duty to contact their broker if they develop symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of viewing the property.

Why should I use a coronavirus form?

Asking your buyer clients to sign a coronavirus form and/or requesting these forms as the selling agent is good practise to show that you’re doing the due diligence to help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. Getting consent for the collection of information further helps to limit the spread by allowing for the easy contact of those that have viewed the same property in case someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Using coronavirus consent forms not only shows that you’re operating a professional business with care and attention to detail but you’re also helping with a greater public health effort.

Do I have to use the CREA’s coronavirus statement and consent form?

It is not required to use the CREA’s exact form. Smaller jurisdictions or regional real estate associations may have developed their own forms to use based on local regulations or public health suggestions. It’s best to follow the guidance of your local city, municipality or province. But if there is not a local form available, the CREA’s form is a good option.

Electronic signing

While much of the real estate buying and selling process is going virtual, the same goes for forms like this. Remember that you can get your clients to sign using apps like DocuSign which use an electronic signature process and allow signees to input information on their own devices, further helping to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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