Ways to stay motivated through the winter season
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Ways to stay motivated through the winter season

With fewer clients and listings, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated through the slower season of winter. Couple that with cold weather and short days and it can be easy to fall into a slump. But a few key habits and routines can help keep you motivated during this downtime and even use it to your advantage.

Keep a regular routine

Without loads of listings and clients to keep you busy, you might be tempted to sleep in and take a more relaxed approach to your day. But you should still try to keep a regular routine — waking up at the same time every morning and going to work. Even if you work from home, getting dressed, heading into your workspace and starting up your computer will help get you in the mood to work and your creative juices flowing. Here are some more ideas on how to re-energize your morning routine.

Get out of the house

Cold winter weather can make it easy to stay cooped up indoors. But stepping outside can be a breath of fresh air, literally, and help to invigorate your day with a new energy. Work out of a coffee shop or library one afternoon or drop in to a shared workspace. Schedule catch-up coffee meetings with clients old and new, fellow real estate agents and trusted vendors. Book these visits during daytime hours to get the most out of winter’s fleeting sunshine.

Do something little every day

When business is slow, it can be easy to get yourself down about a lack of transactions and clients. But forward progression doesn’t have to be measured in leaps and bounds. Small accomplishments can still feel good and help create a feeling of momentum. Try to accomplish something, whether small or big, every day. It could be as simple as posting a new photo to your Instagram account or sending an email to reconnect with an old client.

Reflect and reconfigure

Instead of ruminating over the lack of business, you can use this slow period to your advantage. In this downtime, take time to reflect on what you accomplished in the last year and set goals for the coming year. Perhaps you might want to use this time to create a vision board or develop a business action plan. This quiet period is an opportunity to do all the things you put off during busier months.

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