Want to be viewed as a real estate expert? Here are a few tips
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Want to be viewed as a real estate expert? Here are a few tips

It’s one thing to possess a wealth of knowledge about real estate. But how can you let others know that you’re a smart, trustworthy agent? You will have to convey that knowledge to them in a productive way. Here are a few ways that you can establish yourself as a real estate expert.

Develop content

Creating timely and useful content relevant to home buyers and sellers and potential clients will associate your name as being a source for real estate knowledge. That content could be market reports, home buying and selling tips or neighbourhood descriptions. There are also several ways that you can share that content — through blog posts online, social media accounts and newsletters like the Realty Sweep and Keep In Touch programs. For the best impact and reach, develop and share content regularly (weekly or monthly). The real estate market can change and evolve quickly, so sharing timely information will contribute to your branding as a real estate expert.

Segment your clients

After you’ve got a good content routine established, the next step would be to segment your clients so that you can deliver them targeted information. Depending on where clients are on their buyer journey, they’ll benefit from receiving different types of information from you. For example, buyers in the ‘research’ phase might benefit from market reports and recently sold listings while buyers that are closing in on a deal could benefit more from moving tips and neighbourhood suggestions. The same theory of segmenting also works for the types of content you’re delivering on which social media platforms. Instagram attracts a younger audience so you can produce content here that would speak to millennials while, for LinkedIn, market reports and real estate news are better suited to the platform.

Seek out media, blog and podcast opportunities

Another way to establish your credibility as a real estate authority is to seek out media opportunities. Reporters and writers are always looking for experts to offer quotes and insights on the real estate market. You can position yourself as a reputable source using the great content you’ve created and the network of followers you’ll have built up so far. Click here for more tips on pitching yourself as a media source. You can also reach out to more localized blogs to create guest posts and to appear as an interviewee on real estate podcasts using the same tips from the link above.

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