Tips for working with elderly clients
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Tips for working with elderly clients

The baby boomer generation is steadily moving into older age and with that transition comes unique changes in their housing needs. As this demographic continues to grow, you may be encountering more and more senior clients or perhaps might be interested in positioning yourself as a specialist of this group. Here’s what to expect when you’re working with senior-aged real estate clients.

Balancing multiple parties and interests

In many cases, senior clients will enlist the help of their adult children to make decisions on their real estate needs. So you might find yourself interacting with multiple individuals and trying to meet the interests of each. Each family has a unique dynamic so it’s important to read each situation and be prepared to balance everyone’s schedules and personalities. Ultimately, you should keep the interests of the senior client up-front.

Downsizing help

Most boomer clients will likely be selling a larger home for an assisted living facility or a smaller property which involves a significant amount of downsizing. Keep a list of downsizing vendors and experts on hand to recommend to your clients, including home organizers, estate sale specialists and professional decluttering services. Trusted packing services are also good vendors to keep on-hand for clients that might be less mobile. This will help you build trust with your client and establish yourself as a reliable agent.

Part real estate agent, part therapist

While there is some level of emotional attachment present when it comes to most clients selling their homes, the feelings tend to be augmented with senior clients. They may have been living in their homes for decades and the transition away from a longtime family home can be difficult not only for the senior homeowner but also for the adult children involved. Real estate agents that work frequently with elderly clients should be armed with plenty of patience and empathy for these emotional situations, helping their clients to focus on a positive future.

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