Tips for attracting international clients
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Tips for attracting international clients

Overseas clients are entering the Canadian real estate market in droves. If you haven’t worked with an international client already, this demographic presents incredible potential for the growth and expansion of your business. And as more foreigners are settling in Canada or investing in the country’s real estate, there are plenty of ways that you can make these interactions more successful.

Potential clients from different backgrounds will appreciate walking into an office with multicultural employees. Hire supporting staff that are bilingual to help answer phone calls and respond to inquiries from prospective buyers. Acquire a few trusted translators in your network that are skilled in real estate transactions as it’s critical to accurately convey important legal terms and conditions. Have your website translated into the languages of nationalities you want to attract and advertise your office’s multilingualism on business cards and other marketing materials.

Different cultures have unique requirements, needs and favourable features that they see in a home. It helps you streamline the process and highlight tailored selling features as well as eliminating properties that aren’t suitable for your international client. Equally important is learning about cultural norms to improve interactions. Buyers in some cultures may be accustomed to quick, decisive transactions while for others, a long and thoughtful process is standard. Learning about a culture can be as easy as a Google search, but you may also consider investing in professional training sessions from cross-cultural experts.

Many overseas clients you encounter may be the first of a network of family and friends to make the move to a new country. By going above and beyond, you’ll set the stage for referrals and many positive experiences with international clients to come.

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