Optimize your LinkedIn profile for real estate
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Optimize your LinkedIn profile for real estate

Just like those on the job hunt use LinkedIn for seeking out prospective employers, real estate agents can also harness this social platform for building their brand as a real estate agent. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for the real estate world.

Get a professional headshot

That outdated photo from decades past or the shot of you reclining on a beach lounger from your last vacation isn’t exactly showcasing you in the most professional light. If you don’t already have one, commission a new headshot from a photographer experienced in business portraits, ideally over a neutral background. This headshot can not only be used for your LinkedIn profile but also your social media accounts and other branding materials, so consider it a more wider-reaching investment.

SEO for your profile name

Few LinkedIn users are aware of the fact that the first and last name fields are used as part of the site’s search functions. Instead of simply inputting your name, you can include your profession in the last name field which will increase the chances of your profile being found in a search. For example, instead of “Sarah Taylor” your name would appear as “Sarah Taylor – Toronto Real Estate Agent” and you’re likely to appear in more searches when users are looking for real estate agents.

Join groups

LinkedIn is a great way to increase your sphere of influence through establishing points of shared interest or work/employment history. Explore and join as many groups as you find relevant — university alumni groups and professional associations, for example. Stay active in these groups and comment on posts to further your awareness and reach.

What to post

While Facebook might be a platform for sharing fun, but still relevant posts, your LinkedIn contacts will skew more towards the professional side. The content you post and share here should follow suit. Think financial and investment news or housing market updates that will help keep your network informed and establish you as a reliable source of real estate news.

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