Moving your business to the cloud
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Moving your business to the cloud

You may have heard about how cloud computing is changing the way companies are doing business. But this new technology isn’t just for tech startups or major corporations — it’s an accessible tool that you can easily adopt in your brokerage or real estate operation. Here’s what to know about cloud computing and how it can help your business.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing allows you to save, share and update files on the internet instead of storing files on a personal computer or office server. Files and folders can be shared and edited from any computer, from any location, easily and safely. G Suite, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Drive are all examples of cloud computing services.

Mobility of access

Real estate agents are always on the go and cloud computing makes access to important files and documents easy, whether you’re at your desk or on your mobile phone between viewings. There’s no need to wait until you have access to the company server or your personal hard drive — all that’s needed is internet access from the device you’re using.

Client convenience

The best real estate agents work quickly to solve problems and answer their client’s questions. Tech-savvy clients may already be familiar with cloud computing through their workplaces and creating a shared folder to track each client’s documentation, schedules and transactions makes it easy to keep each other updated and informed. Without having to wait for attachments to send and files to be received, you’ll be working at the pace that your client operates. Plus, they’ll be impressed when you’re able to pull-up market info or an earmarked listing on your tablet in an instant.

Easy organization

Sending drafts and updated versions through email can be cumbersome and confusing. But with cloud computing, one file can be accessed and edited by multiple parties. This eliminates the need for multiple attachments and versions, reducing the possibility of errors. The access setting of documents can easily be changed so that reference documents are read-only.

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