Making an unsolicited offer on an unlisted home
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Making an unsolicited offer on an unlisted home

Instead of waiting for a job opening to be posted, savvy job seekers might apply directly to a company they’d like to work at. That way, they get an edge on the competition and will be first in line when a position opens. With the right application, some businesses might even consider creating a job for a well-qualified candidate.

A similar practice happens in the real estate market. With housing supplies in record shortages, more and more agents are making unsolicited offers on unlisted properties on behalf of their clients. Unlisted property owners are more difficult to persuade so you may have to sweeten the deal. Here are a few tips and tactics to try.

Offer to purchase the home as-is

For all but the most well-kept properties, homeowners will need to make repairs and upgrades to their home in order to prepare it for the market. Offering to take a property as-is means that the homeowner doesn’t have to go through the hassle of staging and making aesthetic upgrades that the new homeowners might just end up changing anyway. If you happen to contact an owner that was putting-off listing for this reason, you might just convince them to take your as-is offer.

Have a flexible timeline

If a homeowner isn’t prepared to sell, you’ll need to give them plenty of time to find a new place to live, pack up and move. Make sure to indicate that you’re willing to work around the homeowner’s timeline.

Present a handwritten note

A sympathetic story from a prospective homebuyer could be what pushes a reluctant owner to sell. Perhaps they are empty nesters reading about a young couple eager to start a family. Help your clients draft a compelling story, explaining their situation and why the unlisted home is perfect for them – a location in an excellent school district or in a cozy community, for example. A note that’s hand-written with a family photo could help elicit even more sympathy from the owners.

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