How to take time off as a real estate agent
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How to take time off as a real estate agent

The urge to work 24/7 can be strong for real estate agents. But taking time to reconnect with family and friends, or simply for yourself, is an important part of recharging your batteries to be even more effective and hard-working upon your return. Here are a few tips for taking smooth and stress-free vacations as a real estate agent.

Arrange for coverage

If you work at a brokerage, your office might already have plans in place for when agents take time off. If not, make plans well in advance to have another agent cover for you while you’re away. If you’re working independently, reach out to a fellow solo agent to set up an arrangement. Perhaps there’s someone in your network that you’ve already covered for before or might need coverage from you down the road. These arrangements can and should be reciprocal. Another important detail to work out ahead of time is compensation. Will the covering agent receive a fee or flat rates for conducting certain activities such as viewings on your behalf? It’s important to discuss all these details well before you leave.

Notify your clients

After you’ve set up an agent to cover for you, notify your clients, ideally a week in advance, of your vacation. Introduce them to the covering agent to reassure them that they’ll be in good hands. This can also apply to other people in your networks like mortgage brokers and appraisers if you’re working actively on transactions together.

Set up out-of-office replies

If a new lead reaches out for the first time, the last thing you’ll want to do is leave them hanging for days on end before you make it back to your inbox. Set up an out of office reply that details your vacation timeline and availability (if you’re checking emails intermittently or have no internet access) during your time away. Be sure to include the contact information of your covering agent in this message as well.


Fully unplugging from the job is challenging enough for any dedicated worker, and especially for self-employed real estate agents. So make the most of your time away and give yourself permission to relax, rest and unwind. The more refreshed you are from your time away, the more energy you’ll have to tackle the next challenge and achieve your goals.

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