How to create a vision board
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How to create a vision board

We’re just over halfway through 2019 — do you feel satisfied with your accomplishments and the progress you’ve made towards the goals you set for yourself this year? If you need an extra boost of motivation or a creative way to focus your efforts, try putting together a vision board. Here’s how to get one started.

What is a vision board?

A vision board may look like a collage but this handmade and assembled collection of images and words is meant to be a visual representation of your goals and accomplishments. The purpose of a vision board is to create a centralized source of inspiration to help you achieve your goals.

Step 1: Organize

Before diving into your vision board, create a list of goals and accomplishments you’d like to achieve. Vision boards don’t necessarily have to be focused solely on work. Goals for yourself (health, habits) and social ties (family and friends) are great additions for a vision board. Some also find it helpful to group your goals into three categories — “fantasy” goals where anything is possible, long-term goals to achieve in a year and short-term goals to work on by the week or month.

Step 2: Gather supplies

Vision boards are typically created on a corkboard (if you’d like to change up and modify the messages and images as you go) or glued onto a poster board. Gather old magazines, newspapers and advertisements to cut up and collage. Scissors, markers and glue or push pins are also handy, along with an image of yourself to place in the centre.

Step 3: Assemble

Flip through your materials and cut out the words, images and messages that resonate with you the most. The images don’t necessarily have to be literal representations of your goals. Instead, focus on how it makes you feel. For example, an image of a forest can help remind you to relax and meditate every morning before starting your day. Sort images and messages based on your career, self, and social goals then edit down to a few of the strongest and most powerful clips before affixing it onto the board.

Step 4: Display

Place the vision board somewhere that you can see if every day, whether it’s your bedroom or home office. Take a snap of it with your phone so that you can keep these motivation words and images with you at all times. Regular reminders and visualizations of the life you want to live will get you one step closer to achieving your dreams.

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