Essential handouts for your next open house
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Essential handouts for your next open house

When potential buyers are looking at several open houses in one day or weekend, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to accomplish this is through offering valuable handouts to visitors that not only help to sell your listing but also establish your reputation as a real estate expert. Aside from essential information about the property you’re selling, here are a few informative handouts you can make available to guests at your next open house.

Neighbourhood information

A property’s location is as much of an asset to a home as its upgrades or finishings. Highlight the distance to the closest parks, schools and recreational facilities like community centres or pools. Note the property’s Walk Score if it scores well. Proximity to bike lanes, transit routes and commuter highways can also help visitors envision their life in the area while also establishing your image as a neighbourhood expert. Reach out to trusted clients that live in the area for neighbourhood testimonials.

Home ownership and mortgage glossary

If you’re selling a starter home, you’ll likely be attracting visitors that are entering the complicated world of real estate for the first time. Help to demystify the experience with a handy glossary that outlines essential terms and key phrases. The CMHC has an excellent glossary on their website which you can use to start your own. Even if this isn’t their first time buying, homeowners that are upgrading but haven’t been in the market for a few years will appreciate the refresher.

Mortgage payment breakdown

Some guests visiting your listing may think the property is out of their price range. But breaking down the mortgage loan into monthly payments can help buyers better understand how the financing will work. Team up with a trusted mortgage broker to assemble a mortgage loan chart and be sure to attach the broker’s contact information on the handout.

List of vendors

A particularly stellar property will garner inquiries from guests regarding its finishes and fixtures. Make it easy for visitors to connect with the designers and contractors you worked with by providing a vendor list. Speak with vendors ahead of time to get their approval and arrange a small referral discount for mentioning your name which further keeps you at top-of-mind.

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