Door Knocking 101
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Door Knocking 101

Door knocking is a powerful tool to make yourself known with the community. By interacting with homeowners, you can effectively generate leads. But many agents find door knocking to be intimidating or question its efficacy. Whether you’re prospecting or hunting for a client’s dream home, here are some tips to get started on door knocking and how to best leverage this marketing opportunity.

Offer value

Instead of handing over a business card or personal brochure, offer the homeowner a valuable resource. Compile an information sheet of properties that have recently sold in the neighbourhood with your contact information at the bottom. Highlight homes that sold quickly or for over-asking. You can also accompany the info sheet with promotional materials like magnets or notepads if your budget allows.

Engage in conversation

While new listings and leads are your end goal, asking homeowners if they’re planning to sell their home right off the bat can sound aggressive or intimidating. Instead, position yourself as a neighbourhood resource and engage in conversation with the homeowner, offering information about recent listings and the neighbourhood’s marketability. If you’re feeling nervous about how to start the conversation, write a short script and practice what you’ll say before heading out the door.

Timing and duration

Schedule your door knocking for when homeowners are most likely to be at the home and receptive to answering the door – weekday evenings before or after dinnertime. Don’t exhaust yourself through marathon door knocking sessions. Limit it to a maximum of 60 minutes at a time so that you’re always putting your best foot forward.


Keep track of promising interactions and if you don’t hear from the homeowner, follow-up with a hand-written note taped or tucked into their front door. Thank them for their time and invite them to come into your office to chat further.

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