Direct mail motivates millennials
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Direct mail motivates millennials

If there’s one generation at the top of everyone’s minds, its millennials. This generation ranges from their early twenties to their late thirties and they represent a driving force of purchasing power — especially when it comes to the real estate market. Millennials now represent 49 percent of first-time homebuyers, according to research from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. So it’s a demographic that real estate agents should be actively seeking to engage.

While millennials are known for being a tech savvy group, the power and influence of direct mail shouldn’t be discounted. New consumer research from marketing and consumer engagement company Valassis suggests that direct mail motivates online purchases and appeals to a growing audience of millennials. This new research suggests that direct mail can be a valuable marketing tool when used in conjunction with digital marketing strategies.

This integration of digital and print is key to an effective marketing strategy, according to Valassis. Their report showed that, when sent a personalized direct mail ad, 67 percent of millennial parents and 53 percent of millennials are more likely to make a purchase or respond to the ad. Also, over half (56 percent) of millennial parents and 41 percent of millennials indicated that they’re more likely to respond to an ad when they receive advertising for the product online and in print.

“Marketers must continuously assess and adjust their consumer engagement strategies with predictive intelligence advising and informing their approach,” says Gene Brandon, the senior vice president of direct mail at Valassis. “With direct mail, marketers can engage consumers across an entire market or down to a household, versioning the message to resonate with their audiences.”

While the research from Valassis was conducted on retail purchases, there are definitely learnings that real estate agents can take away and implement. For a real estate agent, a multichannel approach could like having a website, Facebook and Instagram accounts along with a monthly print newsletter delivered to the doorsteps of their target neighbourhood. Or if a real estate agent has rebranded their website with a new slogan, they could also produce print cards to deliver to homeowners. Combining print and digital is key to motivating the millennial generation.

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