Closing gifts to keep top of mind
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Closing gifts to keep top of mind

According to a National Association of Realtors survey released in 2015, repeat customers accounted for an average of 20 percent of real estate agents’ business. Experienced agents reported rates as high as 40 percent with referrals accounting for an additional 24 percent of business. These statistics emphasize the importance of leaving a positive lasting impression on your clients, even after the deal is done and dusted.

Closing gifts present an ideal opportunity to accomplish this by wrapping a transaction with a thoughtful token of your appreciation. A pot of flowers or a gift basket are traditional options and could be right for some of your clients. But you’ll stand out by going the extra mile with a personalized gift. Pick up on your clients’ habits, interests and hobbies. Jot down a note or reminder as you’re viewing a home or going through paperwork.

Customization with an engraving or monogram is a great way to elevate a gift. If a gourmet, high-end kitchen was a top priority for your client, they may appreciate a quality cutting board engraved with their name or initials. A bottle of wine with a pair of engraved glasses will be well-appreciated by wine enthusiasts. A set of beautiful gardening tools with engraved wooden handles is perfect for clients with a green thumb. Etsy is a great website to source unique, personalized gifts online.

Engraved gifts also present an opportunity for you to place your name, brand or logo on the item. But use this tactic wisely to avoid coming across as cheesy or tacky. Instead of putting your name and logo at the corner of a picture frame, cutting board or coasters, be subtle and have it stamped on the reverse instead. Branding the gift also allows you to write-off the cost as a promotional expenditure for tax purposes.

Clients unfamiliar with their new neighbourhood will appreciate gifts that introduce them to their community. Send a voucher for a night out at your favourite local family restaurant. A gift certificate for a quality local butcher would be perfect for a client that’s a barbecue enthusiast. Better yet, you’ll support local enterprises along the way – a win-win for the community and your client.

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