Apps that’ll amp up your real estate business
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Apps that’ll amp up your real estate business

Is one of your resolutions for the New Year to be more productive? There’s an app for that. Several, in fact! Here’s a list of tech solutions that’ll help keep you organized, on-track and get you closer to your goals for 2020.

An app for the checklist-obsessed – Trello

If you love creating to-do lists, you’ll love Trello. From the moment you first meet a potential client to the closing of a listing, Trello allows you to keep all the tasks-at-hand organized. A bit like a virtual corkboard, you create “cards” for each client where you can keep track of next steps and outstanding items. It’s easy to build a template (open house to-dos, first-time buyer documents) that can be applied to each new occurrence. Team leaders will get an extra kick out of Trello’s ability to assign tasks to different team members.

A better way for remote groups to keep in touch – Slack

With real estate agents popping in and out of brokerages, a chat platform like Slack can be a great way for everyone to keep in touch remotely. The platform allows you to upload documents and images, direct message team members and create “channels” to discuss certain topics, like social outings or team meetings. Several tech companies and start-ups swear by how well Slack can keep team members up-to-date, especially if working remotely or on nontraditional hours.

For the productivity-obsessed – Focus Booster

Based on the Pomodoro method, Focus Booster guides users through cycles of 25-minutes of dedicated work followed by a 5-minute break. Apparently, the work-break cycle is meant to reduce distractions while enforcing regular breaks, all of which boosts productivity. Analytical graphs and logs help users keep track of which times of the day, or days of the week, are their most productive which can be a fascinating glimpse into your work routine.

To eliminate the shoebox of receipts – Expensify

Any real estate agent and self-employed individual is familiar with the shoebox of receipts that accumulates in the car or home office. Expensify is an app to help you replace that pesky shoebox. Once you get a receipt, take a snap of it and upload it to the app which will then transcribe important information like prices, taxes, dates and locations. It can even help you track mileage. Since thermal paper receipts can fade over time, Expensify is a great way to store your receipts in digital form.

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